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Ikeeda Toons

I absolutely love the hair! The shipping was fast. Communication with customer service was an awesome experience!

Yvette Duncan

Words cannot express how grateful I am for the extra ordinary wigs I receive from Wigs ‘R Us Toronto. Thank you isn’t nearly enough.

Josephine Black

First of all I am sorry that many people have had bad experiences with companies selling wigs online. I have been ordering wigs from Wigs ‘R Us Toronto for 2 years now and I have had only positive experiences. I have ordered both human and synthetic wigs. I have hair loss so I have no choice but to wear a wig. But most of the wigs I buy are synthetic because I like changing my style. All the wigs I have bought look just like the picture too.

Jemella Clarke

I just received this wig and I love it so much I just bought it in a natural virgin hair colour and little bit closer to my colour. I love the platinum but also want a colour that is closer to my hair colour. I will be buying more from this company! Thank You Darlene!

Donna Blake

Order the 2 bundle deal but didn’t know exactly what I was getting. Then I get an email around 2 minutes later saying it will be shipped same day. This website is straight forward and easy to use. “Live Chat” works like a charm. So glad I got some good quality products at a great price and that its not a scam. Thank you Wigs ‘R Us Toronto!

Lee Nelson

Thank you very much Wigs ‘R Us Toronto, your Shades of Gray Wig is a perfect match for me, it suite me perfect. Thank you!

Liz Willcox

I just want to say the Entice Wig is the Wig for me, good quality and great price, thank you Wigs ‘R Us Toronto. I’ll be back.

Kelly Fronter

Thank you very much Wigs ‘R Us Toronto for a positive shopping experience plus helping me getting a suitable wig, thanks again!

Janet Wilkinson

Love this hair so much! Thank you so much for your help. You have a customer forever 🙂